The Canine Cakes

Barking Goodness Baked to Pawfection!

Fresh and locally sourced ingredients,
handmade, natural and healthy dog treats.

About Us

Canine Cakes hopes to allow dog parents to create lifelong special moments with their fur babies, on their birthday, without the need of having to go through the inconvenience of buying a variety of ingredients that they probably would not necessarily need in the future. Canine Cakes provides dogs, and their owners, with a special feeling on any occasion with a delicious cake just for them to enjoy!

Canine Cakes

In the past, people who had wanted to bake a cake for their dogs would often struggle to find anything. 

That is where the idea behind Canine Cakes was developed, formed, and created.

What is Canine Cakes?

Canine Cakes is a carob based – coconut cake mix, where all dog lovers have to do is to add water and eggs and bake. The cake comes together with Carob Buttons for decorations.

Canine Cakes Goal is to allow dogs and owners to bond with each other to create everlasting memories. We want to create a memory which will last forever. 

How it all began?

The idea of Canine Cakes started when Aaron, the founder, went in search of a cake mix for his lovely, adorable Coco on her 1st Birthday. He wanted to make Coco’s Day special and unique as she had truly become a member of the family. The hunt began with his mum’s help, in a search to find the right products which were safe for his beloved dog ‘Coco’. Aaron and his mum’s search took them to various shops including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and even Costco and to his shock there was no such product available for pets. He then tried his luck at pet stores and searched in stores like Petbarn and Pet Stock. He did eventually find only 1 such item but the cost was, as it will unfold, cost twice as much as our product, Canine Cakes. The only option which Aaron had back then was to purchase the only expensive cake mix or to buy unnecessary ingredients that he might not use (later on) which would cause wastage.

It was at that pivotal moment that Aaron, the CEO & Founder of Canine Cakes, decided to come up with a product which was safe for dog consumption by using human grade ingredients, which are predominantly organic. With prices increasing in the current market,  he decided to come up with a product that was going to be high of quality and cost effective for consumers to purchase for their fur babies.

In July 2022, the pair, met each other for the first time, albeit online, after enrolling in a business course. It was an exciting time for both of them as they started discussing plans and ideas as well as business concepts and strategies. Our journey has seen us through some tough and grueling times. We faced many obstacles and challenges, like many other businesses. But through it all we have, CANINE CAKES!

Where we are today?

In December 2022, at the annual Australia wide Local competition for startup businesses, we headed down to Fortitude Valley, Queensland, to pitch our product. There were about 19 teams in all with judges from a wide range of backgrounds like Culture King, etc. At this competition we presented our business idea to a panel of 6 successful business entrepreneurs, where we were judged on our entire business concept, focusing on key components like: Budget, ROI, Marketing, Target Audience, Problem Solving, About Us, Why we are passionate about the idea, packaging design and amount of current sales. The competition was of high quality. At the conclusion of this competition we received 1st place winning a trophy and cash investment for the business. As winners of the National competition, we were given the honour to compete in the World Cup Championship in Scotland in July 2023. At that competition, we represented Australia, along with 30 other countries, and 48 teams. 

At the World Cup Championship, we presented Canine Cakes to over 40 judges around the world including USA, UK, Australia & Ukraine, to name a few. The competition was extremely tight with a high degree of ideas and products. At the conclusion of 5 days of competition, Canine Cakes were awarded 2nd PLACE IN THE WORLD in the SIFE category. 

Quality Assurance

As part of our process to ensure a high-quality product that is 100 % safe for your fur babies, Aaron contacted Dr Shiva Greenhalgh, an animal Nutritionist, who is part of the ‘Sydney Animal Nutritionist Organization’. She has reviewed the product and all its components, as well as the cooking process and recipe and we can officially say that she has given Canine Cakes her TICK of approval for our product and declaring it safe for dog consumption only.